Evidence-Informed Approaches to Feeling Good & Functioning Well

To flourish means to live within the optimal range of human functioning & well-being – one that connotes GOODNESS, GENERATIVITY, GROWTH & RESILIENCE.’ Fredrickson & Losada

Who wouldn’t want themselves, their families, their employees or colleagues to flourish, be mentally tough and be their best? The reality based on empirical research is that on average only 20-30% of the population is likely to be truly flourishing and most are doing just OK. So how can we go from GOOD to GREAT? Check out Clive’s offer below.

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Supporting people

Clive is an evidence-informed coach and supports people from all backgrounds and all ages within the corporate, public and education sectors.  He focuses on leadership, executive & career coaching, but also has clients for personal coaching, including young people. Using evidence-based approaches and validated assessment tools to build well-being & mental toughness, Clive helps people to make effective and sustained changes that facilitate flourishing with the potential benefits for well-being, performance, productivity and success.


Enabling People

Clive shares his learning through the design and facilitation of a range of highly rated workshops. Able to engage across the age range and all levels of the workforce Clive raises awareness and provides practical activities focusing on optimal functioning; well-being; resilience; mental toughness; employee engagement; strengths discovery; career transition; coaching skills; strategic planning and Positive Education. All content and activities reflect the latest cutting edge research and are fully referenced.

Speaking & Writing

Informing People

Clive is an ‘informed practitioner’. He invests in participating and speaks at numerous international and national conferences and events on the concept of flourishing and the application of positive psychology, strengths, mental toughness and evidence-based coaching in business, workplaces, education & community settings in Australia, Asia and the UK. Recently Clive has spoken at the First Australian Positive Education Conference in Sydney, the 2014 European Positive Psychology Conference in Amsterdam and will be presenting at the 2014 International Congress on Coaching Psychology in London.  Clive’s also shares information on his blog at Open Forum.

Strengths Assessment

Growing People

Clive is a certified Realise2 Strengths Practitioner accredited by the UK Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) to assess and debrief individuals and teams. He is also accredited in the MTQ48 Mental Toughness Assessment. These validated & reliable tools are widely used with senior corporate and public sector executives, university and school leadership teams, people in career transition and young people. Contact Clive to find out more – today!


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