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1st May, 2015


Image 3As an organisational coach I’m grateful to be able to work across the corporate, government and education sectors to help individuals, teams and organisations to flourish and be their optimal best.

However I’m particularly passionate about designing and delivering ‘Positive Education’ programs in schools in…

3rd Nov, 2014


As I head to the FOBISIA Conference in Thailand I reflect on the fact that I have been writing my first ever book chapter on the integration of coaching and positive psychology in schools. On the one hand this has been a real challenge and on the other it is the most exciting and…

Flourish – The 5 Ways to Well-being at Work, Home or School!

19th Jun, 2014


Only two to three people out of every 10 are likely to be flourishing – experiencing optimal mental health and functioning within their professional and personal lives. Understanding more about the characteristics of flourishing and 5 simple ways how to increase well-being…

Mindfulness @ Life – New Workshop Offer

16th Jun, 2014


The evidence is overwhelming that effortful mindfulness-based activity can contribute to success in work, study and sustaining mental and physical well-being in both adults and young people.

The reality today is that levels of distress, anxiety and depression are increasing despite so many opportunities…

Coaching Conversations – The Intention to Give Attention

27th Mar, 2014



When was the last time you felt really listened to?  When was the last time you were really present with someone and gave them your full attention?

In the workplace, school and home we are often so busy juggling our own agendas, getting our own needs met, having one eye on the social media and…

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