What have Google, Apple, the South Australian Government, Bristol City Council, Knox Grammar School and Harvard University got in common?

They have all understood that the research and real world application of positive psychology can significantly enhance the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities to flourish and be their best. That best may include:

  • Increased mental health and physical well-being;
  • Increased resilience and capacity to embrace challenge and change;
  • Increased productivity or academic performance;
  • Increased engagement and career development;
  • Increased profitability and ultimately economic growth;
  • Increased positivity in relationships and ultimately a more caring and virtuous society.

I have recently returned from the International Positive Psychology Association  (IPPA) World Congress in Los Angeles. Hearing the likes of Martin Seligman talking about ‘Prospection’ and the indisputable case for strengths-based approaches or Barbara Fredrickson talking about ‘Positivity Resonance’ and the direct link between relationships, love and physical health, was inspiring to say the least.

But what was equally inspiring was the knowledge people shared through 49 symposia, 35 workshops and 500 poster presentations relating to the global research and real world application of learning within this important field – from China to South America, from Australia to Europe the empirical evidence is just getting stronger and stronger that positive psychology interventions work for all sections of the population!

Key takeaways for me were a raft of studies and practical applications relating to:

  • Strengths-based approaches within both educational settings and workplaces
  • Mindfulness activity as a way of reducing anxiety and stress and enhancing well-being in leadership, corporate, public sector and educational contexts
  • The use of mental imagery in achieving and sustaining peak performance
  • The application of ‘Positive Education’ programs in schools and universities
  • The embracing and emergent application of positive psychology in China
  • The added value of coaching in helping to embed positive interventions and sustain positive change


I intend to share more fully on each of these themes in the near future but if you’d like more information on positive psychology please get in touch or look out for my upcoming webinars. So, if you want to be your best and you want the same for those around you don’t ignore it – explore it!! 

Make the time to apply some positive psychology in your life and workplace!