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The World Positive Psychology Congress – the evidence you can’t afford to ignore!

8th Aug, 2013


What have Google, Apple, the South Australian Government, Bristol City Council, Knox Grammar School and Harvard University got in common?

They have all understood that the research and real world application of positive psychology can significantly enhance the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities to flourish and be their best. That best may include:

  • Increased mental…

Valuing Vulnerability

31st Oct, 2012


It’s Halloween the scariest night of the year – so what are you afraid of? I don’t mean ghosts, witches or spiders – I mean what is it that deep inside you sometimes holds you back from being the best you can be? I have realised what still scares me.

Over the last few weeks…

Creating flourishing young people – What might really work?

3rd Oct, 2012


Have you got kids? Nephews or nieces? Or do you work with young people? Just close your eyes right now and take a minute to think about the young people in your life and what you want for them in the world….

Now, did anyone think of anxiety, isolation, inferiority, disadvantage, failure, boredom, unemployment, a…

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