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The World Positive Psychology Congress – the evidence you can’t afford to ignore!

8th Aug, 2013


What have Google, Apple, the South Australian Government, Bristol City Council, Knox Grammar School and Harvard University got in common?

They have all understood that the research and real world application of positive psychology can significantly enhance the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities to flourish and be their best. That best may include:

  • Increased mental…

Why not give a ‘gift of time’ this Christmas?!

21st Dec, 2009


So what’s on the kid’s Christmas wish list this year? The latest Wii, Ipod, mobile phone, notebook, bike or top designer gear? Or maybe they have all those already and it’s a struggle to find something different or special?

As parents, godparents, aunts, uncles or family friends, it might be useful for us all to…

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