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About Evidence-based Coaching

About Evidence-based Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused, results orientated, systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of performance, self-directed learning and personal growth of other individuals.”                                                            Dr.Tony Grant, University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit

Master of Organisational Coaching Program at the University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit, recognised as the world-leader in the research and application of  ‘evidence-based’ coaching.

Evidence-based coaching is regarded as an applied positive psychology and supports people to move forward by helping them to:

      • Achieve peak performance & productivity.
      • Learn to think more optimistically & creatively.
      • Make positive & sustained changes in their lives.
      • Build resources and protective factors to increase resilience
      • Improve levels of happiness, hope & psychological well-being.
      • Identify & work towards the achievement of intrinsic & meaningful goals
      • Self-regulate to support sustained change
      • Reduce worry, anxiety and stress

Outcomes of coaching research studies have shown that participants in evidence-based coaching programmes maintain significant increases in well-being, workplace well-being; positivity; resilience and goal striving & hope well beyond the coaching intervention.

This is because coaching helps people to make sustained changes in the way they feel, think and act and ultimaltely they learn to continue to help themselves and those around them.

(References:  Green, Oades & Grant, 2005, 2006; Green, Grant & Rynsaardt, 2007; Grant, Curtayne & Burton, 2010).

Evidence-based coaching is NOT therapy or counselling.

Neither is it based on the premise that the starting point for change is always a problem. It is about focusing on what is working well and how to build on that to overcome life’s  inevitable adversities, challenges and barriers to success. It is about the choices and solutions available to help people to move forward, taking positive steps towards their professional and personal future.

Coaching is about setting up a trusting, confidential and supportive relationship that you direct. As your coach Clive will give you the time, space and motivation to work out what you want to do and to choose how best to go about achieving it. In return you need to be committed to full and active participation and completion of agreed tasks and actions. Typical coaching engagements take place within a relatively short time frame – usually between 4-12 sessions.

You can work together with Clive face to face, on the phone or through Skype and email. A coaching agreement will be discussed outlining expectations, flexibility, commitments and terms, including the number of sessions required and built in review points.

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