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The people who get on in the world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.  George Bernard Shaw

Whether just starting out in the world of work, settled into a career path or considering winding down, we should all be prepared for change.

Today it is expected that people will have a number of different careers within their life time.  Many people find themselves in career transition as a result of their positions being made redundant. For others there is recognition that there is a problem with cultural or organisational fit or simply that their work no longer engages them.

Whatever the impetus for change, career transition can be a time of both challenge and opportunity. The opportunity to take control of our future career direction!

As an experienced career transition coach Clive has worked with people at all levels and of all ages to help them to make successful job role and career changes. He has worked to support whole staff teams in organisations that are winding down through preparing people to navigate change, consider future options and prepare to enter the job market.

Clive also helps people work towards discovering their authentic vocation – identifying a role that is in line with their interests, values and life purpose and which makes best use of their personal qualities, strengths and skills.

From his own experience of changing careers and moving overseas, Clive also recognises that any transition can be difficult and stressful. He can help to ensure that your well-being needs are addressed during this challenging time.

Effective planning and transition can be achieved through a coaching process which includes:

    • Strengths Assessment
    • Career assessment – in depth review career choices and success to date
    • Developing new work targets – immediate and longer term goals
    • Resume development – an up to date and professional marketing tool
    • Approaching the visible and hidden job markets
    • Effective marketing and networking skills – use of LinkedIn and Social Media
    • Developing entrepreneurial skills
    • Interview and presentation skills and techniques
    • Building resilience and well-being

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