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The significant problems we face cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Einstein

Evidence-based coaching uses the principles of positive psychology and adult learning to provide more flexible, ongoing and individual solutions to leadership performance and executive professional development needs.

It can result in sustained changes in thinking and behaviour and provide significant returns on investment.   It is an appropriate intervention for leaders and managers at all levels within the corporate, public and voluntary sectors and for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Coaching can provide leaders and executives with both a competitive edge and the opportunity to flourish professionally and personally with all the associated benefits.

Clive undertakes executive coaching through individual assignments sponsored through the workplace or independently with the executive engaging him directly. In addition executive coaching is increasingly delivered as a key element of leadership development programmes.


Leadership and executive coaching encompasses a wide range of interventions designed to:

      • Scaffold perspective taking capacity
      • Develop leadership & team building skills
      • Build mental toughness & peak performance
      • Identify and work towards organisational goals
      • Develop greater authenticity and self-confidence
      • Improve emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
      • Support cultural adaptation and cross-cultural working
      • Enhance strategic and career planning skills
      • Increase levels of personal well-being and resilience
      • Develop anger and stress management skills
      • Achieve greater work/life balance

Clive is experienced in the coaching of managers and senior executives within both the private and public sectors. He is currently undertaking coaching assignments with executives within the Australian Public Service and within a number of leading corporations and educational institutions. He has also worked with small and medium business owners in the UK, Thailand and Australia

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