Clive at the AustCham presentation

Kick Starting 2013 – Empowered, Energised & Engaged!

Are your at your absolute best? Are you feeling good, working to your strengths, highly engaged with a real sense of meaning and purpose in your life? Are you able to navigate change and face life’s inevitable challenges by maintaining perspective and harnessing the support of the people around you? If you are that’s great news and it sounds like you are flourishing – the scientific term for optimal functioning and well-being.

But.. if you are you’ll be in the minority as global research shows that only 20-30% of the population – both adults and young people are likely to be truly flourishing. This doesn’t mean everyone else is doing badly but it means that so many people could be doing better. Going from ok to good, going from good to really great!

Organisational coach Clive Leachhas just returned from Shanghai where he presented a highly regarded workshop for the  Australian Chamber of Commerce members on how to be better empowered, energised and engaged in both their professional and personal lives. His talk focused on the latest research into optimal functioning and evidence-based approaches to increasing it including coaching. The feedback, as is usually the case, was that his message resonated with many of the people he spoke to from the corporate, education and health sectors. Everyone wants the best for themselves and their families but people are often unaware of simple, practical and proven ways to overcome the things that undermine our capacity to do and be well.

Clive has extensive experience in supporting leaders, executives and employees in both the private and public sectors to get the balance right between workplace engagement & well-being with resulting benefits for performance, productivity and customer satisfaction.

He also works with International and state schools helping staff, students and parents to understand how ‘Positive Education’ supports developing both the skills of achievement and the skills of well-being which are so important for future sustainable success in life.

Clive is passionate about helping people identify and work to their real individual and shared strengths and understand better the importance of taking account of their own and each other’s well-being. He says “ There is so much fantastic research now that shows us how through coaching and positive psychology we can really build resilient, resourceful and ultimately successful people and organisations!”

Clive’s coaching and facilitation practice extends from Australia to Asia and the UK. He’s looking forward to building on the increasing awareness of well-being in China and globally. For more information or to contact Clive visit: