The purpose of organisations is to make strengths productive. Peter Drucker

A raft of recent research tells us that when we live and work to our strengths we are more likely to flourish. We are happier and more confident; more engaged and productive at work or study; more successful in striving towards and reaching our goals; have less sickness because we are also physically and mentally healthier and there is less risk of  suffering  from anxiety, stress and depression (Linley, Willars & Biswas-Diener, 2010).

But the truth is many people find it hard to identify their strengths. We often don’t know how to recognise our real strengths and even when we do, we take them for granted with the risk of underplaying or even overplaying them. The majority of people don’t believe they get to use their strengths on a daily basis at work.

Within his coaching and facilitation Clive uses highly validated strengths assessment tools such as the Value in Action (VIA) Character Strengths Survey and the Realise2 Strengths Assessment. Find out more about these tools in this section.


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