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Realised strengths are things you perform well at, find energising and do frequently. Alex Linley CAPP

Clive is a certified Realise2 Strengths Practitioner accredited by UK Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) to assess and debrief individuals and teams. The Realise2 is a world-leading strengths assessment tool developed by CAPP . It is being widely used in corporations, businesses, public services and higher education institutions within the contexts of recruitment & selcetion; career planning & development; performance management; team building; strategic planning; leadership development and outplacement/retirement.

The Realise2 has high validity and has been, and currently is, subject to extensive research studies that demonstrate the benefits of strengths-based approaches for supporting people to flourish and function at their optimal best.

This online tool is designed to assess people’s levels of performance, use and energisation across 60 attributes aligned with strengths families of Thinking; Communicating; Relating; Motivating & Being.

The key premise is that when we work towards marshaling and maximising our real strengths we are more likely to be highly engaged and successful in reaching our professional and personal goals. In addition the sense of well-being and resilience we get from working more to our strengths better enables us to manage our learned behaviours and weaknesses so reducing risks of disengagement and burnout.

Clive has successfully used the Realise2 Strengths Assessment with many indvidual clients including people in career transition, young people moving on to further and higher education and senior corporate and public sector executives. In addition he has used the tool with both management and  leadership  teams to faciliate strategic planning, performance management and enhanced team well-being and engagement. His organisational clients have included:

  • Federal Court of Australia – Technology Leadership Team
  • Australian Human Rights Commission – Executive Policy Team
  • Hornsby Girls High School  - Leadership Team
  • Dulwich College Suzhou, China - Leadership Team
  • British International School Shanghai (BISS) - Whole School Faculty
  • Australian National Measurement Institute – Executive Leadership Team
  • Cotton Seed Distributers (CSD) - Executive and Operating Group
  • Wollongong University Faculty of Education – Executive Leadership Team
  • Australian Federal Government Dept. of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (WA) – Executive Management Team
  • Yellow Edge Performance Architects – Coaching Leadership Team & Business Development Team
  • Cooperative Reseach Council Beef Industry – Whole Staff Team
  • Cooperative Research Council Cotton Industry – Whole Staff Team
  • Cooperative Research Council Seafood - Whole Staff Team
  • New International School Thailand (NIST) - Leadership & Business Team
  • Bangkok Patana International School – Academic Leadership Team & Business Team
  • Thammast University – Student Body

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